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Meet the Maker - Eric Staller

Eric Staller

The Bubbleboat, Lightmobile, ConferenceBikes, and SpiroGyrate are creations of San Franciscan Eric Staller (he/him), who creates site specific and mobile artwork that are interactive, visual, and sensory experiences that delight and engage the public. SpiroGyrate, is a children's play area located at SFO, Terminal 3, composed of graphic spiral patterns and light that change and respond to people’s movement through the space. The piece was commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission.

Eric Staller’s range of work includes ‘light drawing’ photography, projected image installations, and performance art, to large-scale mechanical and electronic sculptures, that incorporate emerging technologies to create works of whimsy, awe, and contemplation. His work touches on a range of human emotions, from surprise and delight, to pathos and vulnerability, as well as commentary on the religious and political themes of our time.

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