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Noela P.

Kelly Quon is a superb real estate agent. As young first time home buyers the prospect of purchasing a home in the crazy San Francisco market was terrifying, but we just closed on our new house in the Ingleside area and are beyond excited. Kelly encompasses not only the house finding /negotiating/offer writing skills, but also acts as teacher/investigator/counselor (and even parent at times when we needed guidance). We met Kelly in June 2015 at one of her and Sabrina Gee-Shin's open houses in the sunset. We rented electric scooters to get around and as we walked in the door we were greeted by cheers of excitement for arriving on matching red scooters. We could've easily been dismissed as silly kids looking at houses on scooters, but we instantly connected with Kelly and Sabrina's energy and enthusiasm. In addition to being friendly, they handed us a really helpful packet of information about different neighborhoods, recent sales, and market trends. Kelly is a detailed and very "hands-on" agent. We felt like we were getting lessons in real estate as she spent hours with us in person, on the phone, and taking us to open houses. We loved the ease of communication. Whether we texted, called, emailed, or Facebook messaged Kelly was prompt to respond. When we decided to put a last-minute offer on a house, Kelly was quick to call the other agent and jump into offer writing mode. She embraces technology and social media. We were given online tools for house hunting, we could send Facebook messages, we took selfies together, and used Google Docs to edit "love letters" for various houses. At broker's open tours she would take videos of houses she thought had the potential for us. Other times Kelly videoed her thoughts on a property and answers to questions we had, helping to clarify answers visually. Her use of technology enabled us to easily find houses to look at or dismiss, put together our offers, and remember special moments during our house hunting/buying process. Kelly pointed out potential "red flags" (ex. crumbling foundations, efflorescence, old wiring, signs of pests, etc.) at every property we visited together. We liked that she was very thoughtful, but also honest in her opinions. There was a time when we spent hours late into the evening debating putting an offer on a property that had some known issues. She took what we said/were feeling into account, looked deeper into the house's problems and even helped us roughly price out remodeling cost estimates. Ultimately without Kelly's help we would've put a very high (way too high in retrospect) offer on a house prone to flooding and whose garage door didn't even open (the manual door's dead bold was rusted into the ground). It would've been a very costly and time consuming mistake. It didn't even take until the next day to realize we were so happy to have not put an offer on that house (and we still think about what could've been with all this rain). It is easy to get caught up in the emotions of loosing out on house after house in San Francisco. Kelly's attitude helped motivate us and keep us on track, reassuring us that the right house would come along and not to jump on something just because it was available. Kelly is a great investigator. She was always ready to chat with neighbors, knock on doors, peer over fences, hunt around for old maps of the city to find long lost underground rivers, call other agents, do online and in-store research. She helped organize house, roof, and pest inspectors before we put offers on houses as well as lock smiths, HVAC, and appliance people since we've moved into our new home after we closed escrow we could've never heard from her again, but the fact that she continually helps us just proves her character and how wonderful she is. We were amazed at the amount of personal time Kelly spent with us. We met her son and know she has a life outside of real estate. She always made us feel special and like we were a priority. Once we even called her while she was in a meeting at her son's school and she ducked out of it early to come meet us at a house (thanks again Kelly!). She cares about us on a personal level and is genuinely interested in our lives (we are official Facebook friends!). Kelly captured special moments like our final walk through of our house and the day we closed escrow. She also constantly gave us goodies! Cupcakes at birthdays, chocolate and an ornament on Christmas Eve, a care package of snacks and cleaning supplies on moving day, s'more making stuff for our awesome outdoor fire pit (yeah our house is the coolest one on the block), and a balloon when we closed! She has also offered to house sit when we're away (we told her we would take her up on it if she offered, so watch out Kelly!). Ultimately Kelly is fun, one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, and makes house buying a positive experience (how can that even be a thing in San Francisco?!). Thank you Kelly!


Sabrina and Charles showed us their professionalism and team work. We could tell that they love what they do and would work hard for us. We felt comfortable with them and that we could trust them after our first meeting and chose them above others we had interviewed. Sabrina was very professional and very clear. She took extra time to fully explain when we needed it. She went out of her way to make sure we were kept informed and on track. She was so sweet that she came a cooked us a snack on our last night! Charles did a lot of special hand holding when we needed it. He dropped by when ever we asked. He printed documents when I had no printer access, he did everything he said he would and in the time he said that he would. We could not have have asked for a sweater, more personal, professional to help us with the sale. Sabrina and Charles took our biggest asset and made our dreams come true. I would tell anyone that they are trustworthy, kind, and professional.

Jeffrey M.

Sabrina is easy to trust and love; she's personable, knowledgeable about San Francisco, sharp, and puts her heart and soul into her work.

Audrey M.

This review is much overdue. Kelly helped my husband and I on both the buying and selling side last year (2016). I can't say enough fantastic things about Kelly and whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone looking for an agent. Needless to say, buying and selling property in San Francisco can be stressful and time-consuming. Once we connected with Kelly, we knew we were in good hands, and Kelly did not disappoint! The things that stood out for us and that I believe makes Kelly such a stellar agent: 1) She took the time to get to know us. This was foundational in helping her assess properties and then provide advice on potential properties. What struck me is that her main motivation and driver was to help us find a property we were in love with, rather than just try to get us into the first house that we could win an offer for. She genuinely cares about her clients and wants to ensure we are truly happy at the end of the day. 2) She is knowledgeable. She really understands the SF real estate market. She understands the various types of properties and neighborhoods. She monitors and understands what is going on with the constantly shifting SF housing market. She understands the psychology that goes into setting offer prices (on the buying side) and and list prices (on the selling side). 3) She is thorough, persistent and on top of things. There are so many moving pieces and abundant documentation when you are buying property, not to mention the competition with other buyers. In this competitive environment (which we were in last year), being able to move quickly to submit offers and close on a property is critical. Kelly navigated us through all the steps, kept us informed and prepared all along the way, and never missed a step and did it in a quick and timely way. 4) She has great connections. Through Kelly, we also had the opportunity to meet and work with a superb mortgage banker. Kelly also knows many other agents that work in SF. I believe this is a huge competitive advantage for anyone looking to buy or sell in SF. In our case, I believe a large part of why we had our offer accepted was due to the great working relationship Kelly had (as our buying agent) with the selling agent. Kelly has a great reputation and is well respected in the community. That can be a real advantage when you are in a highly competitive situation. Additionally, she was able to refer us to some great contractors when we needed to get work done on our place after we moved in. In short, if you are searching for a real estate agent (either as a buyer or seller), you need not look any further. Kelly is the one!


I would highly recommend Sabrina and Charles as excellent agents to to someone looking to purchase a home. The initial call I had with Sabrina, by far, was the best needs assessment call I had with any agent. I knew she really was assessing whether I had reasonable expectations and outlook, whether she could meet my needs, and whether our approaches and personality meshed. I could tell she was invested from the very beginning once she determined we were a fit. Sabrina and Charles work as a team and I could rest assured they had the expertise to identify the right properties for me and handle the transaction. Their attention to detail is superb and I could rest assured they had all details covered. When one was not available, the other was, so I never experienced any delays or hiccups in service continuity, especially during time-sensitive situations. From selecting homes to look at, to amazing negotiation when writing an offer, all the way to the closing of my transaction, they had a great grip on things and I could not have done it without their expertise. Both of them have great emotional intelligence and expectation management. I could rest assured they had the depth of knowledge to guide me through the process and my best interest in mind. They know how to deliver information and advice, and it never feels like they are imposing any point of view. They gave me the tools to make my own best decision. I could not give a more glowing review!

Jessyca Roy L. & Shaun C.

Charles has a great design vision balanced with practical renovation project ideas. He is creative and has a contagious enthusiasm.

Frances M.

Sabrina, Charles, and Kelly are the dream team. I highly recommend them if you need a trusted partner, advisor, or friend.


This is what a REALTOR is supposed to do for their clients. It makes me never want to use any of other agent again.


I am very thankful that my friend introduced me to Sabrina and Charles. It was my first time buying a home and had no idea what was involved. They educated me on and guided me through the entire process and made the whole thing so darn easy. They also took the time to get to know me to make sure the home is a great fit and were always incredibly responsive to inquiries at all times of the morning/day/night, they made me feel as if I was their only client! Sabrina and Charles really hit the sweet spot of incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and also friendly, and very fun to talk with. My expectations were far exceeded, even with the glowing recommendation my friend gave. They will be #1 on my mind if I am ever looking to sell or buy another home. Useful, Punny, Cool.

Edward S.

We just recently sold my Mother's house in San Francisco. She lived in her house for almost 46 years. It was a special place for her and my Father, and held wonderful memories of family and relatives gathering for special occasions. Unfortunately, my Mother passed away in late March and we decided to sell the house. Kelly Quon was our REALTOR. We could not have had a better agent! To put it simply, Kelly Quon was amazing! We were able to sell the house very quickly, efficiently, and received the best possible value for the house. While the entire selling process was well laid out, professional, and perfectly orchestrated and executed, we must say that the most impressive thing about Kelly was her very personal commitment and sincere desire to take care of us and make sure we got the best possible outcome. She went out of her way to ensure success! Kelly coached and walked us through the details of selling the house. She is incredibly knowledgeable and surely an expert in her business. She made geat recommendations to further enhance the value of the house and made it more appealing to potential buyers. Her strategic approach to list pricing was skillful and exact, resulting in multiple offers and produced a very successful closing. Kelly was always available, responsive, and kept us up to date, not matter what time of day or night! She stayed personally involved every step of the way! More importantly, Kelly cared about us. She made it personal and we were not just "clients". Selling the house was difficult as it meant so much to us and all of our extended families and relatives. Kelly knew that as she had the opportunity to meet my Mother and many of our relatives. She understood how important this house was to all of us. We owe her a great debt of gratitude for all that she did for us. Kelly was wonderful!

Fred B.

Kelly is a fantastic, knowledgeable and hardworking agent that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. For context I have used Kelly both to buy my first home and recently to sell it after 5 wonderful years in it. In both cases she's gone above and beyond. For the selling process, we called Kelly one weekend and told her that we'd like to move out the following weekend and she jumped into action. 2 months later we had closed on the sale, getting a price that we were very happy with. To call out just a few of the things I'd recommend about Kelly: Tuned into pricing and goes deep on data. To be honest, we were skeptical when she suggested a somewhat low list price. But it worked really well in our favor as it brought a lot of interest and we sold 20+% higher than the list price. She's incredibly responsive, always trustworthy in answering calls or responding to messages at any time of day or night (I think she sleeps, but I'm not sure when). Well connected and gets the background from other agents, for example when we had a house across the street list right before we were due to go on the market and she understood the strategy and got key info from the agent. Calm in the face of stressful situations, like receiving a pre-emptive offer late at night that we didn't expect helps out with all the little things. Watering our new lawn every single morning, finding a painter at moments notice and just making the whole process stress free. I could say just as many good things about her job as our buying agent. Either way, you can't go wrong!


Their onboarding process was intense, and thorough. We did it over zoom, because of the whole pandemic, but they were enthusiastic, and really took a lot of notes in a way that our previous broker completely failed to do. Our closing process turned into a bit of a psychotic nightmare due to the sellers not disclosing a title lien(probate sale), and the city permit office being basically closed, but Sabrina and Charles went above and beyond to make sure we knew what was going on, getting the sellers to where they needed to be to get things done, and making sure that we were protected. Within a week, we were already in a closing process, and for the next 5 weeks while things unfolded, Sabrina's recommendations for vendors and processes were stellar. Her organizational skills and communications are top notch. This is what a REALTOR is supposed to do for their clients. It makes me never want to use any of other agent again.


Sabrina's expertise saves so much time because she never misses a thing. She thinks of everything, and there were absolutely no headaches or backtracking because she gets it right the first time. As if her expertise on the business side of real estate wasn't enough, her emotional intelligence and wonderful communication skills gave me confidence to do what I needed to do. She listened to my reasons for selling, and also my apprehensions. She asked the right questions, and gave me great advice. At the end of our first meeting, it was as if I had spoken to a therapist, and a great weight had been lifted off of me. I'm honored to know her, and I would recommend her to everyone!

Kyla B.

When my husband and I began to ponder the possibility of a pandemic move, the first person I called was Kelly. Having worked with her when we bought our SF house, I knew that she would offer sage advice and help us walk through our different options using her expertise and vast knowledge. Within six weeks of that very helpful call, we were in the process of getting our San Francisco home on the market, and Kelly was extremely hands-on and thorough throughout the entire process. Every step along the way, Kelly supported us, provided advice, set us up with reasonably-priced vendors, organized the painting, staging, cleaning, repairs (etc.) and mapped everything out on our calendar. We were working with a tight schedule, but thanks to Kelly, everything happened seamlessly, and our house was on the market only five days before we got three strong offers. We were thrilled with our experience working with Kelly both through the original purchase process of our home as well as the sale, three years later. She is attentive, did not leave out a single detail, and beyond her extreme competence as a professional, Kelly is a lovely human! It was a joy working with her and she served to alleviate the stress of the house-selling experience. Kelly, thank you for everything! We love working with you!

Patrick T.

Kelly truly is a one-of-a-kind agent and the definition of full service. She allowed my wife and me the ability to rest easy at night knowing that our home was in great hands, even though we were 3,000 miles away.

Jenny B.

If you are looking for the best REALTOR in San Francisco, look no further than Kelly Quon. There are not enough words to describe our amazing experience working with Kelly, but I'll try to summarize it in a few paragraphs. Kelly helped my husband and I buy and sell two houses in San Francisco. In both instances, we felt like we were working with our most knowledgeable, loving, patient and kind friend versus a San Francisco REALTOR. We never once doubted that Kelly had our best interests in mind and trusted her completely every step of the way. She patiently educated us on both the home buying and selling process, ensured we were up to date through every detail of both processes, and acted ethically every step of the way. Kelly's attention to detail, relationships in the industry, and supreme care for our interests helped us sell our house for an amount we never imagined in our wildest dreams (46% over asking). With Kelly, you don't get a sales pitch or a broker too busy to answer your calls, you get a level of attention, honestly and realness that is sorely missing in most brokers. Her execution is perfect and her reputation is flawless; you won't find a single person who doesn't love Kelly. My husband and I will be forever grateful for finding Kelly when purchasing our first home. We now count her as a friend in addition to our favorite REALTOR. We're forever grateful to have found her.

Erik R.

Without a doubt, Kelly was the best REALTOR my wife and I could have hoped to work with, and she helped us get into the home of our dreams. We met with Kelly on a Sunday afternoon for the first time. We were first-time home buyers and just beginning our search, so she spent the time to walk us through the ins and outs of buying a home and gave helpful advice on how to be persistent, resilient, and successful in the SF market. After giving us the information we needed to be intelligent home buyers, we went to an open house we were interested in that afternoon. We loved the home and the bids were due three days later, so we went back to Kelly's office and spent the next 4 hours going through the each page of the disclosure package and application. Kelly pointed out many things in the disclosures that we would not have picked up on our own and help us understand and evaluate the potential risks. After spending 7 hours together on our first meeting, preparing our application, and providing us with many market comps in the area, we submitted our bid three days later and got the house. We couldn't believe it. It surely would not have happened had we not received the information and support that Kelly provided. I would recommend her to anyone in the SF area looking to buy a home.


Sabrina Gee-Shin was recommended to me by my long time REALTOR who was not available to help me with the sale of my Mom's house. My REALTOR told me that Sabrina was the only person she would recommend and that I would be in the best of hands with Sabrina. She was right! I am so thankful my REALTOR recommended Sabrina. I truly give her the highest marks possible across the board. I feel very lucky to have worked with both her and Charles Loiacono. They kept me very well informed every step along the sale. They are people I could completely trust and I always felt they had my Mom's (and my) best interests at heart. Sabrina and Charles are the perfect pairing. They provided the absolute best, most professional service that I could ask for. I wish I had another property to buy or sell just so I could keep working with them both.


I’ve been involved with three home sales, as a seller, and the sale of the home I grew up in was the smoothest, most stress-free transaction ever! Sabrina Gee-Shin, and her real estate team of Kelly and Charles were very attentive with all aspects of the sale. Since I now live in another state, Sabrina took time to educate me and my brother with the San Francisco residential home market practices. She and her team shepherded us through the entire sale process from emptying the house contents to financial closure. Sabrina’s sensitivity to our emotions with selling our parent’s home, together with her providing recommendations for charities, storage, landscaping, painting etc., made selling the house as painless as possible. Sabrina was most astute with the bidding, negotiation, and ultimate close process. The final bids were clearly summarized and detailed in a spreadsheet, which made the sale decision relatively easy and straightforward. I can’t say enough about the professionalism and expertise of Sabrina and her colleagues, and only hope I can find a similar team, whenever and wherever I need to sell residential property!

Vanessa F.

Kelly represented us as buyers for our first home. Best. Decision. Ever. First and foremost, Kelly is an amazing and kind person. On top from her vast knowledge real estate, the market and meticulous attention to detail, she became like a family member. She really listened to what we want, was patient and supportive-she genuinely cared that we find the perfect home. For months, she guided us through documentation, processes, neighborhoods, properties and disclosures finding the key questions that we would have never thought to ask. She leveraged her vast knowledge of the San Francisco market and her relationships with nearly ever agent in this city (or so it seemed) to make sure whatever we considered buying was a sound choice. I don't know what we would have done without her. She is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough. Her attention to detail is second to none. She prepared us for what to expect when going into contract so nothing would get in our way of closing. And wow it is a whirlwind. You definitely want someone there who is your partner and guide through the process. Kelly is that and more. She guided us and made absolutely certain we knew exactly what do to do and when. Her relationships also helped us get an amazing rate with great lender, too. There is big difference in working with an agent like Kelly and someone else. In our search, we came across so many listing agents that didn't have all the information in their disclosures and didn't care if it was there or not. With Kelly, no question was trivial and she was adamant about getting all the information we needed to make and educated decision. Do yourself a favor and work with Kelly.


When my wife and I needed an agent to sell mother in laws home I immediately contacted Kelly to see if she was available. Luck would have it she was. We've known Kelly for a long while but haven't had the need for her services until now. I can attest Kelly is very thorough in going through the various options and strategies such as things to fix up, modernize, and the market timing. You can count on her to be involved and helpful every step of the way. Selling a home can be very stressful but we felt at ease working with her and the timeline calendar that she put together for us. That way we knew what was going on each week (such as inspections, contractors, etc.). Kelly truly cares about her clients. I would recommend her services highly whether you are buying or selling your home.

Charlene S.

Kelly and I reconnected after working in retail many years ago. We had a family member pass away unexpectedly and decided to sell a condo from the estate. So. I reached out to Kelly. She was respectful of our situation and guided us through the process with empathy and patience. Our property also involved the Mayor's affordable housing program which made the process more challenging. But, Kelly lead the way, made the right contacts, and obtained the needed information for a seamless sale. Knowledge: Kelly knows this market and the home buying process well. Per her advice, we delayed our timeline for listing our condo and it worked out to our advantage. We accepted an offer over asking! Positive Attitude: She consistently brought great energy and enthusiasm. She always went the extra mile to help address and resolve issues. She spent numerous hours working with contractors and stagers to make sure everything looked just right. Proactive: Kelly is one of the most organized and detail oriented people I know! These attributes allowed her to see the "big picture" and anticipate all possible scenarios (good and bad) that could arise . It's obvious Kelly takes pride and loves what she does. She's trustworthy and ethical and I would not hesitate recommending or working with Kelly again.


She is by far the most trust-worthy, honest, intelligent, and professional real estate broker. She provides the ultimate support for anybody who knows what an ordeal it is when selling your property. Sabrina makes every effort to meet your goals and objectives, but prepares you with realistic scenarios from her many years of experience. Our family is so grateful for Sabrina and all that she did to make it an absolute positive experience in selling our property. Thank you Sabrina, you're the best!

David S.

Kelly’s professional advise and expertise in knowing and understanding the Real Estate market in San Francisco was a huge plus in helping to sell our property. I couldn’t have been happier with the end result. Please put your trust in Kelly, you won’t be disappointed!

Hannah C.

From start to finish, and beyond, Kelly was absolutely incredible! My wife and I were first time home buyers and knew absolutely nothing about the process. With her many years of experience, being a local San Franciscan, and being a mother, she guided us every step of the way so that we felt informed, confident, and comfortable. She taught us everything we needed to know about the real estate market, kept us informed with any updates (which during COVID was crucial), stayed on top of all the details, checked in with us at every step, referred us to trusted partners/lenders, and was always available for our millions of questions. We can't recommend her more. She was amazing and we have her to thank for our beautiful new home. If you need a reliable and experienced real estate agent, hire Kelly!

Patrick T.

Kelly recently helped us sell our home in Candlestick Cove for almost 18% over asking! While the positive side of the story should end there, it doesn't even begin. We have relocated to Massachusetts and had been renting out the home and upon recent inspection realized the tenants hadn't left it in the, let's say, best condition. Kelly was instrumental in essentially PM'ing the entire job from cleaning, painting, drywall repair, remediation(s), handy work, staging, and even having her son take out the trash and vacuum! Kelly truly is a one of a kind agent and the definition of full service. She really allowed my wife and me the ability to rest easy at night knowing that our home was in great hands, even though we were 3,000 miles away. Oh and she sold it for almost 18% over asking!

Debra S.

Kelly was our neighbor first, and then became our REALTOR when we decided to retire and move out of San Francisco. She was amazing. We had wiggle room in when to sell, so she started by helping us decide on a timeframe. When the time came to put the house on the market, Kelly had all the paperwork ready for signatures and recommendations for everything necessary. We had already moved to our new house, so Kelly oversaw the cleaners, the painters, the inspectors, the stagers, and the photo processes since we were 125 miles away. She kept us thoroughly updated every step of the way since we couldn't be there daily. When the house listing went live, Kelly hosted two weekends of open houses and called everyday at the end of the open house to let us know how it had all gone. In spite of an armed robbery attempt (crime of opportunity) during the third open house, Kelly returned the next day and continued on. Because Kelly is detail oriented, we had everything lined up perfectly for a quick sale and escrow. From first day of listing to close of escrow was 5 weeks. And she got us a good deal more than asking price. We would go through Kelly again in a heartbeat. She just has an excellent work ethic and kept us completely in the loop of what was happening. It was a great experience.

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