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Meet the Maker -Amy Wibowo

Amy Wibowo

Amy Wibowo (she/her) is a creative technologist who puts “the personal back into personal computers.” She created a series of animal and fruit-shaped computers, including this whimsical frog computer and matching keyboard, as well as a shiba inu and rabbit. As technology becomes more pervasive in everyday life, it’s become her mission to make computer science concepts accessible and fun to anyone who wants to learn.

At her heart, Amy loves to understand things, and makes things. She went to school for electrical engineering and computer science and did that professionally for many years. Now she combines her art and engineering skills to do things like write zines about how computers work, make RDFI jewelry, and develop ceramics processes to go from 3D model to a glazed and fired piece. Her latest obsession is glaze chemistry, as it is a perfect combination of art and engineering. She also loves fashion, cycling, bike camping, cooking and has two kitties, a tux and a calico. 

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