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Meet the Maker -John Thompson

John Thompson

Sabrina encountered an orange droid named "Chopper" during the 2023 Maker Faire, sparking her quest to uncover its creator. Through the power of the internet and the close-knit droid-building community, she was led to John Thompson.

For the past eight years, John Thompson (he/him) has devoted himself to crafting life-size animated remote-controlled droids, including iconic figures such as Chopper, BB-8, and R2-D2. This complex craft involves metalwork, 3D printing, mechanics, electronics, and coding.

An active member of Astromech.net, an international droid-building club, John contributes to a supportive network where makers exchange parts, offer assistance, and share programming insights. Renowned for his skillful use of paint techniques, John specializes in giving his droids a weathered appearance, as if they've traversed the outer reaches of the galaxy.

Passionate about spreading joy, John volunteers his time to bring his creations to Children’s Hospitals, Maker Faires, Comic-Cons, and various charitable events. In his professional life, he serves as a mechanical engineer.

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